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"This program WORKED for ME! After multiple back surgeries, my back doesn't hurt like it did when I carried so much UNNECESSARY weight and my aches and pains are gone! I feel so much healthier and have more confidence. If someone were to ask about Dr. Denman's Weight Loss of the Carolinas program, I'd say; "Go For It" - Personally I tried WW, NS and many other brand names over the years, but this one worked for me, where those others did not."

- Tracy

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"4 weeks in, and I've already lost over 30 lbs! Knee pain GONE! Foot pain GONE! I'm able to enjoy life more! The program is simple. Don't doubt it'll work, just follow the instructions. You wont be hungry and the weight will go away! With Dr. Denman's help, Miranda's and the entire staffs positive attitude and encouragement on my side, I know I'll achieve all of my weight loss goals!"

- Shaun

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"I tried two or three other diets with little success, then enrolled in Dr. Denman's program on Dec. 1. at 192. lbs. So far, I've lost 22.0 lbs and 11. 2 inches over all. I would encourage anyone to sit down with a Wellness Advisor and go through the materials. My Advisor Judy, did a good job explaining the program. It's outlined in detail, there are only 10 pages! It is amazing how the pounds will start coming off, if you stick with the plan. If you cheat, you will pay the price. I continue to use my supplements and will lose another 5lbs. to reach my goal weight of 165."

- Frank

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"My husbands doctor told him if he didn't lose 30 pounds in 3 months, he was going to put him on diabetic medicine.

This program gave my husband and I, a new lease on life! We learned how to properly eat, real food and have changed our lifestyle moving forward. I would definitely recommend Weight Loss of the Carolinas to others!

We no longer need ant-acids at night, headache powders or pain relievers! If you're serious, follow the program and you WILL lose the weight and inches, along with improving your overall health! I'm down 16 lbs and 9 inches over all- Loved the Wellness Advisors! So very knowledgable."

- Vicki

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"Pt. 2 I feel so much better. This program has improved my quality of sleep tremendously. I was pre-diabetic but lost 29.4 lbs and 11 inches over all. I'd encourage others to trust this system. It works. What pleased me most was the results in such a short time. The staff has been Outstanding!"

- Jeff

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"I'm down 40.6 pounds and shed 16.75 inches! Dr. Denman's program has definitely improved my mobility and increased my energy! My glucose is in line… cutting my medicine drastically, at least by half! I would encourage anyone to undoubtedly DO IT! What pleased me most was the great staff! Great people to work with, very helpful and professional. I would welcome a call from anyone thinking about doing this program. I would convince them that, Weight Loss of the Carolinas program works!"

- Brian

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"22.8 lbs. lighter! A total of 12 inches over all. My glucose is lower and it's easier to get up from the floor. If someone wanted to start this program, I would say, "Do it! It works!" It's easy to do and you can do anything for 63 days!"

- Barbara

"I lost 30.6 lbs. and 15.7 inches over all. I feel better about myself, have more energy and just feel healthier! If you're considering a program, I'd say that Weight Loss of the Carolinas is worth it! It trains you how you should eat and what you should eat. I wasn't hungry with this program. It really works! What's pleased me most is getting back into a good size in clothes. I just look and feel better! The staff is great-they work closely with you and are very pleasant and experienced."

- S.W.

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"In the 63 days, I lost 24 lbs. and 21 inches over all. My moods and energy has greatly improved. If you are determined to lose weight, you will do it! My quality of life has improved. I feel better, I definitely look better in my clothes, but most of all I am eating healthier. At age 63, I didn't think I could lose weight without exercise but I did it and now I can go up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. I continue to lose weight and am thankful for what Weight Loss of the Carolinas taught me."

- Susie

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"Our very own Miranda has loved this program! She's a true believer that, when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, it's time to make a change! Her change Began on June 1, 2018 to present and counting down…

ROUND 1 she released 27 pounds! ROUND 2 released 23 pounds!! ROUND 3, so far 16.6 released and she's only 24 days into plan!!!

In her own words: "I can not even put into words how this has changed my life and looking at the first picture, when you hired me to today, is very powerful!!! Thank you for supporting me and believing in me."

- Miranda

I've lost over 30lbs! Went from a tight pant size of 38 to a 34 and need a belt! This was a hard program for me to follow at first, but I would encourage anyone that it does work, stick with it- It is worth it! What I'm most pleased with is, being 30 pounds lighter!

- Steven

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

WLOTC helped me lose 35 lbs. in 63 days! The transformation from being overweight to achieving my normal size, has been fun! If you're not reaching your weight-loss goals on your own, I'd encourage you to start here for unsurpassed support. It's an easy, organized approach to weight-loss. My continued support and follow up from the Weight Loss of the Carolinas Team has been amazing. I have continued to lose an additional 10 pounds for a total of 45 pound off, (even after) completing my 63 day program!

- Donna

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"Dr. Denman's program has improved the quality of my life! I have decreased body fat, better mobility and I don't get as tired as I used to! I released 24.4lbs and 20.5 inches so far! If anyone is "on the fence" about this, I'd say, "If you want to lose weight, the program really works!" It made me feel better about my health and life."

- Riley

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Patient Testimonial

"This program will work for you where others have not! Plus, it's simple and easy to follow! I have had significant weight-loss, a decrease in "Belly-Fat," which I could not achieve with other weight loss methods. So far, I'm down 14.6 lbs and 15.25 inches total .I've had more energy, better moods, I'm sleeping better and able to complete more tasks efficiently due to less "brain fog." What's pleased me most since becoming part of the WLOTC family is, the friendly and supportive staff, as well as their availability when questions or concerns came up."

- Jane

"33lbs. released so far! My clothes don't fit anymore. My knees and lower back feel great! I would encourage anyone to, "Go For It!" If you're "All In" and do what the Doctor and Wellness Advisors show and tell, IT WORKS! What's pleased me most? People noticing, I've lost the weight…"

- Bruce

"Since starting the WLOTC program, I look and feel younger, I have more energy and my over all health has improved. I'd tell others, "It's easy if you set your mind to it!" The results I've had are amazing and I feel fabulous! What's pleased me most is the energy I have and that I was never hungry following the program."

- Janice

"I feel lighter on my feet. My clothes are fitting loser and I have more energy! This is not an easy program- it's not a "miracle cure," it's all about what you eat. What pleased me most with Weight Loss of the Carolinas is the personal attention and encouragement I received."

- Anna

"WLOTC's has totally changed my life! So far, I've released 17.lbs I feel better, sleep better and don't have that full-fat feeling. I definitely have more energy too! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone- they can't go wrong! As long as someone follows the program as directed, it will defiantly change your life. I am most please with the inches I've lost and the way my clothes are fitting. I have recommended Weight Loss of the Carolinas to all my friends and co-workers."

- Leigh

"My goal was to "only" lose 20.lbs and so far, I'm down 14.7 pounds! I would encourage others to "be ready" to make a drastic lifestyle change and "be ready" to completely turn your life around. Now I know how to continue on my weight-loss journey. My overall outlook and energy has improved tremendously."

- Holly

"Since being on the program, I feel younger and have more energy! I'm excited to see how much more weight I can lose! WLOTC teaches you to eat healthy, good, regular food that is not nasty or pre-packaged. What has pleased me most, is how simple it is! Dr. Denman's program can be done by anyone determined to lose body fat and gain health!"

- Angela

"I started out skeptical- I was 312.lbs but after Dr. D called to say, "Welcome to the Weight Loss of the Carolinas Family," I was so appreciative! I really believed he and his team of Wellness Advisors actually cared about me and my health. So far, I've released 35.lbs of FAT in (42) days. Now, I'm totally committed to better health!"

- Bryan

"What's pleased me most is losing the weight and improving my health! In 63 days I cut my diabetic medications in half. Dr. Denman told me he could help me and he did! If you're willing to follow his program, you're going to be successful. So far, I lost 24.4 lbs in six visits! I've lost fat and inches too!"

- Randy

Weight Loss Before and After Success

Weight Loss Before and After Success

"I've lost 50 pounds in 18 weeks. I haven't seen a size 12 ever, though it's been a life long goal…."

- Miranda

Miranda went from a size 22 to a size 12 and is excited and in better health than ever before! She says, "I've struggled all my life with my weight and had given up until Weight Loss of the Carolinas. Dr. Denman has changed my life! Finally I have been able to achieve my goals and keep the weight off. I've learned better eating habits and lifestyle choices for my future health."

"Through the Weight Loss of the Carolinas Program, I lost both weight and inches! The results of which I believe has added years to my life. I would suggest the program to anyone who is serious about losing weight and shifting their eating paradigm for the better."

- Tom (age 66 yrs.)

"I have lost 26 lbs on this Program! I have tried numerous weight loss programs and this one is, by far the BEST EVER! I can now fit into my 28 yr old daughters clothes! I love the compliments from friends, family and co-workers- it gives me encouragement!"

- Carole RN (age 59 yrs.)

"The Weight Loss of the Carolinas Program exceeded my expectations! I never felt deprived or hungry. Grocery shopping was so much easier, the freedom of eating out and selecting proper choice resulted in the weight and inches coming off- All I did was, follow the program exactly as I was told!"

- Jan (age 64 yrs.)

"I've lost 30 lbs and 14.75 inches! I can now bend over and tie my shoes without passing out! I would encourage anyone to do the Weight Loss of the Carolinas Program- It works because it's natural. The one-on-one Wellness Advisor is a huge plus! Well worth the money."

- Jackie (age 64 yrs.)

"The Program has provided significant over all improvement in my health. I have increased energy, better sleep, shed pounds and inches off my body… I'm in a better place mentally, as well. For the first time in 20 years, a size 10 is TOO BIG! The support from the Wellness Advisor is priceless. Don't Wait! Do it Now!"

-Darla (age 55 yrs.)

"I am so happy with my progress! I breath better, sleep better and my emotional state has improved! I have lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks - I was never hungry on the Weight Loss of the Carolinas Program and it has provided a foundation and knowledge to continue on my own. The consistent support over the weeks, from my Wellness Advisor was valuable!"

- Nancy (age 67 yrs.)

"Fortunately, I had good blood panels before starting, however they are even better now after doing the Weight Loss of the Carolinas Program! My friends all have noticed my weight loss SUCCESS and comment on how great I look! My Wellness Advisor was/is a caring and concerned coach and very knowledgable!"

- Rosemary (age 66 yrs.)

"I whole heartedly believe in this product… it works! Personally, I've lost 37 pounds already, and my goal is 60 lbs. There are no side effects like you would get with other products and it teaches you how to eat good food proportionately… It's very exciting to see changes in weight and size rapidly as well… I give this program 5 stars… I'd give it 10, 20 even a 100 stars… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

- Anonymous

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Success Stories

Weight Loss of the Carolinas Success Stories

Weight Loss Success at Weight Loss of the Carolinas

In his first 21 days, Dan lost 23 pounds!

Weight Loss Success at Weight Loss of the Carolinas

Janice S. lost 32 pounds and 6 dress sizes in 60 days!


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