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Weight Loss for wellness


Our Senior Wellness Advisor Jeremy Anderson

Weight Loss Lincolnton NC Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy is a health-enthusiast and a lifelong learner. He's been coaching weight loss for over eight years supporting people to release thousands and thousands of pounds and inches. He understands the health crisis faced by so many Americans, and will tell you, it's not your fault. Food matters. Nutrients matter. And the nutrients in our food continue to decrease decade, after decade.

As a fit person, he used this weight loss program to release 12 pounds of toxic fat, drop 6 years in internal body age and is now in better shape at age 45 than he was in his 20s. Even his teenage daughters voluntarily commented about his muscle tone during his transformation. (And for any current or past parent of teenagers, you know that's a miracle on so many levels!).

Jeremy is committed to you experiencing the best version of you! In fact, he believes wholeheartedly being the best you is the best gift you can give yourself and your family.


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